Cultro FastWall™

A Revolution in Factory Screening

Effective segregation screening is key for maintaining social distancing, preventing ingredient contamination and assisting with wash down cycles. The problem is that fixed curtains are inflexible and mobile standalone screens are not seamless, 


The Cultro FastWall™ is the perfect solution: a fully mobile and modular 100% seamless wall system that does the job no others can.












High Output, Low Risk

Increase production without risk to your valued workforce. Lines can be as close as ergonomically possible with the FastWall™ ensuring that back-to-back teams do not stray too close to each other.



Hygiene Stays Top Priority

Normal washdown procedures can remain in place with lines fully protected within minutes and back in operation equally fast. FastWall™ sections are joined together in seconds and moved around the factory with ease. The magnetic Flexi-Seam means that both wet and dry ingress are prevented, giving you a robust solution for hygiene, allergen, personnel and compliance issues.


















Tool Free Fast Assembly

With rapid and tool free assembly the FastWall™ is the last word in speed and convenience. Wall sections nest neatly when not in use or break down simply into component parts for deep cleaning or storage. 




Built on an innovative tricycle chassis with a unique push-and-go connecting mechanism, the Cultro FastWall™ is the most versatile and most mobile factory screening solution on the market today. Combined with the magnetic Flexi-Seam to join each section to the next it forms a segregation solution that is unmatched on the market today.










Multiple Sizes & Custom Options

Made in Great Britain to a fully hygienic design and available in a range of standard sizes and colours. Custom sizes are also available. 

Cultro FastWall™ Red, with vision panel
Cultro FastWall™
Cultro FastWall™ Blue, temp enclosure
Cultro FastWall™
Cultro FastWall™  nesting storage