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Door Protection range

NanoSeptic® surfaces utilise mineral nano-crystals that use visible light to create an oxidation reaction stronger than bleach.


Cultro's NanoSeptic® antimicrobial skins assure you of a 99.98% virus reduction within 30 minutes, providing you with effective self-cleaning capabilities on high-risk surfaces that are potentially touched thousands of times every day.

Every type of door handle is protected in the NanoSeptic® range, from simple lever handles to full-length push bars. The NanoSeptic® surface can be wiped down as part of the normal cleaning regime, using a microfibre cloth and water.


Easy to apply, just peel and stick in place, and when the c.90-day lifetime is coming to an end you simply replace it. Cultro assesses your traffic levels and despatches replacement door protection wraps only when you need them - saving you time and money!