Pop-Up Handwash Stations

Keep everyone safe from the moment they arrive for work!


Where is the first touchpoint in your factory? The gate keypad? The railing on the front steps? The push panel on the staff entrance door? If you can’t be sure everyone has clean hands before they even start work for the day you can’t be sure that Covid-19 isn’t coming right in to the factory along with your staff!


Positioned at every entrance and at critical touchpoints inside, our new temporary handwash stations form the first link in your chain of defence. Complying with the Government recommendation for providing handwash stations at all possible transit points in food manufacturing facilities, Cultro's pop-up handwash sinks simply keep your workplace safer.


We have two versions available so you can specify the best solution for varying locations in and around the factory.


  • Cultro's robust stainless steel handwash sink plumbs in to your existing water supply and is designed for simplicity and value. This is the perfect low-cost solution for helping to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and other contaminants, keeping your teams safe and your factory compliant in a budget-friendly way.  Available on a 3-day lead time the stainless steel version is £250.00+VAT including stainless steel hygienic lever taps. Easily connected to existing supply and wastes. Discounts available depending on how many locations you are protecting.

  • The H-WASH45 standalone handwash station is fully self-contained for total efficiency. Easily moved around as your needs change, the H-WASH45 is designed to be lightweight and hygienic with no extra work needed to bring it into use from the minute you set it down. Stored clean water for over 200 washes and consumables packages available mean that the H-WASH45 is the ultimate solution to the problem of infection and viral spread.  Cultro's H-WASH45 is available at  £514.00+VAT with quantity discounts in place, and consumables packages from just 8 pence per handwash.