Mobile PPE Storage

Solve an age-old problem...

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Modular PPE and Tool Storage

PPE is a vital element in cross-contamination prevention. The problem is that many dispensers are poorly designed, wasting PPE and becoming sources of contamination themselves. Also they cannot be conveniently located within easy reach of operatives which discourages people from changing their PPE when damaged.


The Cultro PPE trolley is a unique concept which stores the PPE in a washproof and fully mobile unit. This can be brought close to the line for ultimate convenience and hygiene. 


The dispensers are made in Britain and are so solidly constructed that they can be used for heavy tools or any other small items. The boxes lift off the trolley and can be wall-mounted if preferred.


Wasted and contaminated PPE is a thing of the past!


Custom sizes are available - get in touch now to explore this concept further.