Iconic Dual Flow™

The most hygienic and powerful dryer

in the world

Hand dryers are less messy, cheaper and more environmentally friendly than paper towels. The problem is that traditional hand dryers tend to spread bacteria laden moist air and drip onto the floor.


Cultro has secured a special deal to distribute a unique dryer that is drip free and 99.97% bacteria free. The iconic Dual Flow™ captures and drains water and has a certified HEPA filter, capturing 99.97% of dust, pollen, bacteria and other allegens. In addition it cleans the exhaust air with UV sterilisation to keep it free of bacteria.


With up to 85% recycled materials and using 60% less energy, these maintenance free units are the ultimate in design, function and efficiency and come with a lifetime guarantee.


Solve your hand drying challenge once and for all.


Other Products in the Range

Other products in the range include the game-changing I-Cast with its 5.5" touch screen which enables interactive communication between the machine and the end user. Want to issue video instructions in Polish, or verbal guidance in Lithuanian? No problem. You can even connect these units to your fire and intruder alarm systems for early warning.

Coming soon is the unique SANI-ONE - an dryer with inbuilt sanitiser dosing