Imaginative solutions for tough hygiene challenges


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Imaginative solutions for tough hygiene and technical challenges


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What we do

Fix pain points

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How we work

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What we do is simple but unique. Our promise is to uncover and fix your key pain points. The process starts with a no-obligation site survey. We sit down with you and work through your main concerns – the areas in the factory that are causing you the most pain. We then ask for a brief tour of the factory so that we can see the problem areas for ourselves.

We take these problems away with us and get working on solutions. Some solutions are simple and can be fixed with existing products, others are more complex and require the creation of something entirely new. We then come back to you with a summary report and outline costings – if you like what you see then we can firm up on costs and start on detailed designs.

Once the designs are approved then we start the manufacturing process. We will involve you at every step of the way if necessary, including the development and testing of any prototypes that may be required.

We then deliver your completed solution to site and carry out any required installation and commissioning.


What our customers say

"I have conducted business with Mark for a number of years but more so since the formation of Cultro. Mark has travelled the length and breadth of the UK in order to ensure service levels for my clients are given the focus they deserve. Cultro’s products are of premium quality and built to last. I would not hesitate in recommending Cultro to any industry that requires first class product and service" - Neil Cowee - Sauber Hygiene Services Ltd

"Cultro is a business that comes up with solutions for our hygiene challenges. They are here to really help and assist me as a hygiene manager and they become very personal to the business. Cultro are willing to spend time with us when we need them" Garry Manton – Hygiene Manager - Goodlife Foods

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About Us

We founded Cultro with a mission to make Hygiene and Technical Managers lives easier.

We have been visiting UK food factories for 20 years and there are very few factories that we haven't been inside.

In all these visits we never cease to be amazed at the struggles that managers face daily with machinery and factory layouts that have been designed to maximise production but with hardly a thought for technical issues. Production output is king and hygiene and technical seems to almost always play second fiddle.

The focus on output is understandable - but the lack of consideration for hygiene and technical is actually counter-productive. Poor design means a factory takes longer to clean and cannot be cleaned as effectively. This means higher cost, reduced output and higher risks for the business.  How effective is your new super-fast oven if it regularly catches fire because you can't get inside it to clean out deposits? How many carcasses can your state-of-the art abattoir process when it has been shut down due to a Listeria scandal?


Our mission is to help food production become better, faster and cheaper through the use of effective and efficient design. Our view is that this will ultimately lead to increased production and more profit for our customers.




t: 01522 391865

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